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With our sophisticated, fast-paced culture, too many choices and too little time, we are unknowingly creating the perfect breeding ground for the development of mental health issues in our children. Society has entered a unique period in which parents no longer struggle to provide enough but are unable to resist the temptation of providing too much. Several months ago, after reading Simplicity Parenting by John Payne, the prevailing message from this book continued to resonate in my mind....Read more

Did you know that children may not need to bathe every day after all? Clearly we need cleanliness to prevent infection and death, especially in the delicate environment of hospitals and surgery centers. But should we be applying the same rules to our healthy children in day-to-day life?

Recent research has shown that “healthy” antibacterial cleaning wipes contain some pretty scary stuff, including pesticides that are not only dangerous to bacteria, but also dangerous to us! They also...Read more

Be Proactive

Begin With the End in Mind

Put First Things First

Think Win-Win

Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood


Sharpen the Saw

Welcome to the world of “The 7 Habits of Happy Kids.” The 7 Habits are leadership qualities introduced in Sean Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Happy Kids. These highly effective habits teach students to enter the 21st century with confidence, character and leadership skills. Along...Read more


As the winter months approach and the seasons change, we tend to see more colds, coughs and flus going around the school. However, our second graders are prepared to fight the battle. In the Lower School science classroom we are learning defenses against germs and strategies to help prevent the spread. Before we could help prevent the...Read more

With the start of the school year, many parents are looking for creative ideas for snacks that are appetizing, satisfying and healthy. Snacks are not meant to replace a meal but to provide relief from hunger until the next meal.

A “calorie-wise” snack is one that is considered to be just half the calories of a meal. Though just like a meal, a snack should be satiating and a combination of protein, healthy fat and complex carbohydrates. As an example, when eating a piece of fruit (which causes a rise in blood sugar), add protein to the mix, possibly a mozzarella cheese stick or a...Read more

With summer near, it is a great time to start planning ways to keep your family active and fit. Whether it is a day of cycling, a triathlon or a 5K Fun Run, these types of gatherings bring families together to celebrate health and wellness. Here are just a few events scheduled throughout the St. Louis area this summer. Check them out, and have a safe, healthy and active summer!

May 30 - Memorial Day Run 10K/5K/Fun Run, University City, MO  

June 2 - ...Read more

With the weather warming and spring vacation just weeks away, here are five tips for protecting your family’s skin while outdoors.

  1. Insect repellants reduce sunscreen’s SPF by up to 1/3. Try to avoid applying both at the same time.
  2. Over exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can result in sunburns which increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Therefore, check your local UV Index which provides important information to help you plan your outdoor activities in ways that prevent overexposure to the sun. The 
  3. ...Read more

As we look out across the sea of faces in sixth grade these days, something seems a little different. Everyone is smiling, swaying and moving gently up and down to his or her own rhythm, like blades of sea grass, bobbing gently in a warm blue sea. Then, the topic of discussion changes and the students’ excitement becomes palpable. The once quiet, gentle movements shift and bodies begin to bounce a little higher, introducing more randomness into the group rhythm. The quiet sea turns more turbulent.

“Ok guys, turn it down a notch. You’re making us seasick up here!” we say with a smile...Read more

When our schedules become overloaded, sleep is often the first thing people cut to fit more into their days. Sleep, at times, is viewed as unnecessary or unproductive, but cutting back on sleep is something that should be reconsidered. During sleep our minds are at rest yet some of our body’s most sophisticated processes are busy at work, repairing and maintaining every aspect of our physiology.

Sleep is vital to sustaining peak mental performance, stabilizing mood, enhancing immune function, coping with stress, rebalancing biochemistry, and maintaining a healthy metabolism. By not...Read more

With so much in the media about dieting, nutrition and health, it can be challenging at times to determine the relevance of this information and how it can be applied to our own lives. By now, most are familiar with the term Glycemic Index (GI). What is the Glycemic Index and what does it really mean?

When we eat, a series of metabolic and hormonal events occur. The carbohydrates we eat are broken down and changed into a type of sugar called glucose. Glucose is the main source of fuel for our cells. It travels through our bloodstream and enters the...Read more


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