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When integrated in intentional and meaningful ways, technology goes hand in hand with the 6 C’s of education: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, communication, citizenship, and character education. These life skills are critical for success in our ever-changing world, and Rossman educators cultivate each of them on a daily basis by enhancing students’ learning through technology that is visible in many forms. By giving our students accessibility to technology when needed, we give them a choice in their voice to the world.

This summer, Rossman was able...Read more

The students in the first grade through sixth grades have been learning and cheering each other on in the foreign language classroom with the game Kahoot! At Rossman, we keep up with the latest in technology and game-based learning, and our students reap many benefits.

Kahoot is a free game learning application based on responses from student teams. I upload questions that appear on the students’ screens, and they electronically submit their best...Read more

¡Muchas felicidades al sexto grado en su graduación que se aproxima! ¡Buena suerte! (Congratulations to sixth grade on their upcoming graduation. Best of luck!)

As I reflect on my experience teaching Spanish to the Rossman School Class of 2016, I am filled with many precious memories and much pride. Some of my favorite moments with this class have been observing the students have conversations in Spanish. Their enthusiasm and aptitude for these exercises has always filled me with joy. Here is a video clip from 2013, when the class was in fourth grade.

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This week first grade students immersed themselves in their vocabulary unit on the community by creating a child-size town inside the Spanish classroom. Each year, the students decide what types of buildings they want to construct within their town. This year, they decided to create a restaurante (restaurant), estación de policía (police station), zoológico (zoo), tienda de juguetes (toy store), estación de bomberos (fire station), tienda de música (music store), and an estadio de deportes (sports stadium). After creating their community, the children used their imaginations to become...Read more

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