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“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” —Aristotle

What ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle believed in 350 B.C. is precisely what we aspire to impart every day at Rossman School — a balanced education of heart and mind. Academically, students discuss great literature and history, as well as participate in scientific investigation and collaborative group projects, all which offer rich opportunities to integrate lessons of a parallel priority: the development of strong character. As a complementary social component of character...Read more

blog_finemotor-4.jpgIn the art room, children are getting creative, solving problems, and even exercising. This may be a surprise. Although we don’t often break a sweat, each day little hands are building up their fine motor muscles. In addition to all of the great educational benefits of the visual arts, the physical development that takes place in the classroom is also...Read more


As the winter months approach and the seasons change, we tend to see more colds, coughs and flus going around the school. However, our second graders are prepared to fight the battle. In the Lower School science classroom we are learning defenses against germs and strategies to help prevent the spread. Before we could help prevent the...Read more

Beginnings are crucial — especially for children. The way a child begins the day sets the tone for learning and speaks volumes about how they interact with others. At Rossman, students’ learning begins the second they walk through the doors of the building. Children are greeted warmly by a friendly face at either the front or back door. Although this gesture may seem small, for many, this interaction is exactly what is needed to get the day started on a positive note.

We have found that our second grade students are more focused, organized and relaxed as they start their day when...Read more

The 2014 Hour of Code was held worldwide last week, and Rossman School once again participated in this extraordinary event. Our students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 6 spent at least one hour last week doing activities in their classrooms sponsored by We were a small part of the 75 million people that had fun while learning the basics of coding.

Our goal is to get our students excited about the possibilities that lay before them and help them understand that learning to code will help them in whatever direction their lives take...Read more

In conjunction with our study of North America and the reading of our first two literature books this year, we took a journey that eventually had us focusing on one word, “pilgrim.” We asked, “What is a pilgrim? What was it really like for the early pilgrims who came to this country, and what about modern day pilgrims to our country?”

First, we found ourselves talking about how different the continents looked millions of years ago and how people traveled across land bridges that once connected continents. This proved to be a perfect lead into the study of the ancient Mississippian...Read more

blog_scientists-1.jpgWe have been busy bodies in science, observing, investigating and discovering! First graders have been exploring the Earth, learning about the layers and what each layer is composed of. They were thrilled to have geologist Quinn Kiley come in to talk to them about the Earth and answer all their questions. We’ve developed an understanding of the...Read more

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