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Traveling from 2015 back to 1862 and to outer space and back home in only four days was an exhilarating yet exhausting experience for Rossman sixth grade students. Weary travelers returned home last Friday evening after visiting Shiloh National Battlefield Park in Shiloh, Tennessee, Ivy Green, Helen Keller’s birthplace in Tuscumbia, Alabama, and then Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

blog_spacecamp-5.jpgOur first stop was a tour of Shiloh where thousands of...Read more

Did you know that Rossman’s fourth grade students are official citizen scientists? Once again, our fourth graders are contributing to an international science experiment through Journey North.

Each fall, students across the northern hemisphere plant Red Emperor tulip bulbs in Journey North Test Gardens. When the plants emerge and bloom, test gardeners report their observations and data to Journey North. The organization keeps garden observations in a permanent database. Historical data enables Journey North and their...Read more

Rossman fifth graders participate every year in the Bird Sleuth program through the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. At the beginning of the year, each student is assigned a focus bird, which he or she will become an expert in identifying. The hope is that every student will become an expert on all 32 birds early in the school year.

At least twice each month, the students spend time studying the birds on or near the three bird feeders in the courtyard outside the fifth grade classroom. They identify and record all the birds that they see. Then I...Read more

blog_scientists-1.jpgWe have been busy bodies in science, observing, investigating and discovering! First graders have been exploring the Earth, learning about the layers and what each layer is composed of. They were thrilled to have geologist Quinn Kiley come in to talk to them about the Earth and answer all their questions. We’ve developed an understanding of the...Read more


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