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Shiver me timbers! There are pirates in the library!

Aye matey! You heard it correctly. Reading pirates have invaded the library! JK, SK and first grade enjoyed dressing like pirates last week to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. It was a mighty day filled with pirate stories, walking the plank, sea songs, hunting for treasure and munching on goldfish. Libraries aren’t the quiet places they once were. Arrgh!

Aside from our pirate adventures, the library year has started full speed ahead. Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students are encouraged to read a new set of books each...Read more

In conjunction with our study of North America and the reading of our first two literature books this year, we took a journey that eventually had us focusing on one word, “pilgrim.” We asked, “What is a pilgrim? What was it really like for the early pilgrims who came to this country, and what about modern day pilgrims to our country?”

First, we found ourselves talking about how different the continents looked millions of years ago and how people traveled across land bridges that once connected continents. This proved to be a perfect lead into the study of the ancient Mississippian...Read more

Fifth grade recently embarked on a photography field trip to downtown St. Louis to experience the architecture of their great city. In art class, the students have been learning how to compose a photograph and used these skills to capture images of the architectural elements that inspired them. These elements included famous buildings, sculptures, landscaping, and other architecture that captured their imaginations.

The first stop on the journey was the Old Courthouse. Throughout the 19th century the Old Courthouse served not only as a house of justice, but also as a public...Read more

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