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The Benefits of Playing Board Games

by Senior Kindergarten Teacher Abbie Duvall

With winter break approaching, I am sure most families are excited about their traditions, time spent at home with loved ones, eating yummy food, traveling maybe, and just enjoying the holidays. You also might be thinking “what am I going to do with my children for two weeks at home?” The answer is, play! Play with your children. Playing board games or card games has so many benefits for children, plus it’s just fun!

When playing board games with your children, not only do your kids get to spend time with you and enjoy your company, they are developing skills and learning without even knowing it. With younger children, board games can help develop hand eye coordination, improve their counting and language skills, and can help enhance your child’s focus. Make sure to start the game and see it through, without distractions from phones or devices. Board games can teach children the value of working in teams and also allows kids to learn how to be a good loser. We have all lost at a game before and it’s a good reminder to let kids know it is okay to lose! It allows children to use different coping skills and can foster resilience in their behavior when things don’t go their way. It can also increase brain function at any age! Depending on the game you choose it can foster memory skills, decision making, complex thought processes, problem solving and so much more. 

We live in a world with a lot of technology. Stepping away from tv, phones, or any device is important for not only our children’s mental health but adults as well. It creates opportunities to have quality time as a family and create more real life connections. Board games allow you to have an emotional, creative and fun connection to each other. 

So this winter break I encourage you to pick out some board games with your children, and just play together! Going to the store and picking out some new ones can also be a wonderful activity. It allows your children to be a part of the whole process and have some autonomy in it. Games give us so many wonderful benefits, but most importantly it can create laughter, memories, and just a good time!