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Rossman School is grateful for the loyalty and dedication of its parent community. There is a true partnership between the faculty and parents, who work together for the best interest of each child. Open lines of communication provide the opportunity for sharing information that is beneficial for the growth of each student.

Rossman parents are an incredibly generous group of people when it comes to their children and their children’s school. Their generosity is multi-faceted — leadership, gifts, talents, energy, professional expertise. The relationship that develops between home and school is a mutually enjoyable, important partnership. The friendships that develop between parents are deep and long-lasting.

Parents’ Club

Membership in the Rossman School Parents’ Club is automatic upon enrollment of a child. The objectives of the organization are:

  • to encourage and promote communication between the school and its families
  • to promote goodwill and mutual understanding among its members
  • to support the activities of the school and to promote fundraising projects for the benefit of the school

Executive Committee

The Parents’ Club meets formally twice a year, in the winter and spring. At the spring meeting, an election is held to choose a President, Vice President/Secretary, Chair of Annual Giving and Vice Chair of Annual Giving. These four officers constitute the Parents’ Club Executive Committee. The President and Chair of Annual Giving also serve as voting members on the school’s Board of Trustees upon election by that body.

Parents’ Club Activities

Parents are encouraged to contact committee chairpersons to become involved in any of these volunteer or fundraising activities.

Book Club Golden Apple Gala
Bookstore Holiday Decorating
Book Swap Holiday Staff Gifts
Class Coffees International Week
Culture for Kids Program Retail Fundraising
Family Fun Event Room Parents
Family Photography Staff Appreciation Luncheon
Flower Sale Wellness Committee
“Fun” Raiser Event  


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