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Off-Campus Learning Opt In

Off-Campus Learning Overview

Rossman School recognizes that when our campus is open, some families will feel more comfortable with continuing to participate in virtual, off-campus learning (OCL). Since our Rossman faculty will be working under multiple modalities in this scenario, OCL will not look the same as our Rossman Online school-wide remote learning. We are committed to serving these students, and will put the following plans and systems in place for those families who opt to participate in OCL:

  • Lower School teachers will utilize Seesaw, a digital learning portfolio tool that allows for streamlined submission of work and provision of teacher feedback. 
  • Upper School will continue to use Google Classroom as the main platform for core subjects, recordings, and assignment submission and teacher feedback. 
  • A typical daily schedule may include the opportunity to observe a live stream lesson presented to all students (large group), participate in a small group lesson via Zoom, and work independently guided by recorded lessons. 
    • Multiple Swivl devices have been purchased to support the streaming of lessons and events. 
  • Homeroom teachers will make themselves available weekly to answer questions and provide necessary support. 
  • Specialists will post recorded lessons, demos and assignments through either Seesaw or Google Classroom. 
  • A weekly schedule will be provided of all live opportunities (both streaming and Zoom) for you to follow.

Off-Campus Learning Registration

If you would like to register more than one child for Off-Campus Learning, please complete the form separately for each child.

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