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Head of School

Message From the Head of School


Thank you for considering Rossman School for the child in your life. Although you may learn a great deal about the school from this website, there is more to know that is relatively intangible and extremely valuable. Rossman is filled with people with inspiring goodness and unrivaled ability. That is true of children, teachers and parents.

It is also a thoughtful place that prioritizes two goals for the students: strong academics and strong character. Those challenging goals motivate us. We know that when a school feels like a family, children excel personally and academically. In this compassionate and friendly environment, we are steadfast in our efforts to unlock the treasures of intellect, kindness and generosity that are a part of every child who walks through the doors of the school. That is a wonderful privilege, and it is one that we humbly and eagerly accept.


Patricia A. Shipley

Head of School

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