"Foundations for Learning" Virtual Open House Series

The early years of education are critical to developing a solid foundation for learning success in future years. Our three "Foundations for Learning" Virtual Open Houses this year told the story of Rossman's philosophy as educators and our process to establish the foundation for true learning and growth. Recorded and shared below, each event highlights a new "foundation for learning" and features the perspectives of a new panel of teachers, parents and students.

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Social-Emotional Learning
Engaging Academics
Confidence & Character

Social-Emotional Learning

Unlocking children’s pursuit of knowledge is through their hearts.

“Emotions matter. They drive learning, decision-making, creativity, responsibility, empathy, perseverance. At the heart of social-emotional learning is relationship and the environment in which those relationships are rooted.”
—Head of School Elizabeth Zurlinden


Engaging Academics

True knowledge begins with a challenging question.

“When students feel known and valued for their contributions and ideas, that becomes the incubator for developing as academic learners.”
—Head of School Elizabeth Zurlinden


Confidence and Character

Growing in wisdom is when knowledge finds its purpose.

“Character is ultimately what shapes our very core, and it is cultivated and grown in the small moments of our days. It is developed and strengthened by the formation of habits. Our intent is to form habits around kindness, honesty, respect and responsibility.
—Head of School Elizabeth Zurlinden

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