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Rossman School is seeking a new Head of School beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. Learn more here.


Rossman School is seeking a Learning Consultant for the 2017-2018 school year. The Learning Consultant is responsible for the overall coordination, oversight and monitoring of student support services. An integral member of the Rossman School team of educators, he/she works closely with the head of school, division directors, classroom teachers, parents, and outside professionals, and reports directly to the head of school.

The Learning Consultant possesses a significant knowledge of child development, learning disabilities and the ability to interpret IQ, achievement and other specific educational diagnostic testing. He/She maintains confidential student records and keeps accurate documentation of all meetings and other communications appropriate to ethical and professional standards.

The Learning Consultant is an advocate for our students by collecting and coordinating classroom learning experiences, prior assessment data and other relevant information to provide year-to-year continuity about each student for classroom teachers and parents.

This is a two day per week, part-time position.

Job tasks include:

  • Meet with administrators weekly and homeroom teachers every two weeks to review the growth of all students in each grade level.
  • Observe students to assess learning strengths and challenges.
  • Consult with teachers, parents, administrators and outside professionals about the learning needs of students.
  • Prepare summaries from formal educational evaluations that include recommendations for instruction and accommodations; facilitate accommodations in the classroom and maintain an updated list of students with testing accommodations.
  • Administer academic and behavioral screening measures; interpret and present to teachers and parents.
  • Interview and maintain a referral list for educational evaluators, tutors and other professionals; arrange room assignments for tutors and therapists.
  • Coordinate speech/language and auditory screenings for Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten students in the fall.
  • Consult with individual students and small groups of children to promote social and emotional growth.
  • Participate in the weekly sixth grade Advisory program.

Preferred qualifications include:

  • MA in special education, school psychology, guidance, social work or other related field.
  • Valid certification or license in guidance, social work or other related field.
  • Training/experience in interpretation of educational testing and administration of screening measures.



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