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The Rossman blog features content written by our faculty and staff.

Rossman Kids Love Books!

by: Librarian Marie Unanue

Hands down, Rossman students love books and love to read! I have no doubt with the holidays fast approaching that our students are putting books on their wish lists. To help with your holiday gift shopping, I am sharing my favorite gifts (with links) for book-loving kids. [...]

Executive Functioning - How do I Function?

by: Social Studies Teacher Erin Moore
Executive Functioning is the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. It goes along with self-regulation and understanding how one can best support their own learning. This year, my goal is to start introducing the concept of executive functioning and work with students to identify and understand their strengths and areas of growth and why identifying them is beneficial.  [...]

Why Elementary School is the Best Time to Learn a Second Language

by: Spanish Teacher Elizabeth Garcia
Have you ever heard the idea that children learn languages more easily than adults? Or even that adult language-learners who miss the “critical period” of childhood exposure to a second language will likely never become as fluent as those who start learning the language as a child? [...]

Say Yes Whenever Possible

by: Art Teacher Erica Spangler
This fall, I experienced a new first as a parent of three children. My oldest, Ellie, went to college for the first time! Our summer began when Ellie graduated from high school. The next day she turned 18 - a day that had loomed in my mind since my spikey-haired, blue eyed baby girl turned one month old. On that day long ago, I already knew the time was going to fly by and now she was celebrating her 18th birthday and ready to head to college. [...]


Junior Kindergarten is Where Learning Begins at Rossman

by: Junior Kindergarten Teachers Julie Renne, Mary Schwartz, and Diane Vujnich
Renowned psychologist and child development theorist Jean Piaget was quoted as saying “Our real problem is…what is the goal of education? Are we forming children that are only capable of learning what is already known? Or should we try developing creative and innovative minds, capable of discovery from the preschool age on, throughout life?” [...]

Rossman School, nestled on a 20-acre campus in St. Louis, is a private preparatory school for students in Junior Kindergarten (four years old) through Grade 6. The school’s mission is to provide a strong, well-balanced education in a nurturing school community committed to excellence. Dedicated to developing personal, nurturing relationships with each child, Rossman’s experienced educators provide a solid foundation in academics, athletics and arts while emphasizing strong character development and leadership skills.​ To learn more or schedule a tour, visit our inquiry page.