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A group of parents recently gathered with the Head of School for the annual meeting of Rossman’s Pat Shipley Book Club. Attendees enjoyed coffee and breakfast while discussing The Pressured Child by Michael Thompson. Michael Thompson has written many highly acclaimed books about raising children, including Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of BoysBest Friends, Worst Enemies; and Homesick and Happy. In The Pressured Child, Thompson ...Read more

Did you know that Rossman’s fourth grade students are official citizen scientists? Once again, our fourth graders are contributing to an international science experiment through Journey North.

Each fall, students across the northern hemisphere plant Red Emperor tulip bulbs in Journey North Test Gardens. When the plants emerge and bloom, test gardeners report their observations and data to Journey North. The organization keeps garden observations in a permanent database. Historical data enables Journey North and their...Read more

The American Heart Association has recognized Rossman School for raising the most money of all Missouri schools that participated in the AHA’s Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart fundraisers in 2013-2014.

In February, 150 Rossman students in grades 2 through 6 participated in the events, raising $15,757 for heart research and health education. Rossman has supported Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart for over 25 years, raising more than $150,000. The fundraising effort by the students honors the School’s commitment to character education and the four Rossman rules of kindness, honesty...Read more

The 2014 Hour of Code was held worldwide last week, and Rossman School once again participated in this extraordinary event. Our students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 6 spent at least one hour last week doing activities in their classrooms sponsored by We were a small part of the 75 million people that had fun while learning the basics of coding.

Our goal is to get our students excited about the possibilities that lay before them and help them understand that learning to code will help them in whatever direction their lives take...Read more

Third grade recently explored the trait of voice in writing. Students learned how to create strong voice by incorporating humor, dialogue, thoughts, and emotion. We discussed the importance of making a reader feel what the character is feeling (e.g. embarrassed, hurt or nervous). Each student was given an emotion to write about. They brainstormed a situation in which a character would feel that way and then thought of a logical conclusion. They couldn't use their emotion word in their story, but readers should be able to guess after reading. Can you guess the emotion felt by Madison's...Read more


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