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Traveling from 2015 back to 1862 and to outer space and back home in only four days was an exhilarating yet exhausting experience for Rossman sixth grade students. Weary travelers returned home last Friday evening after visiting Shiloh National Battlefield Park in Shiloh, Tennessee, Ivy Green, Helen Keller’s birthplace in Tuscumbia, Alabama, and then Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

blog_spacecamp-5.jpgOur first stop was a tour of Shiloh where thousands of...Read more

blog_jkart-2.jpgJunior Kindergarten explores the lives and works of great artists throughout our school year. We have found that their works of art not only enhance our curriculum, but also enrich the overall development of our youngest students. Piet Mondrian, Grandma Moses, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, and Vincent Van Gogh are just some of the artists we have studied.

Our children learn more about the artist than the painting, drawing,...Read more

I have often written about the importance of play for children. Unstructured, free play is critical to their cognitive, social and emotional development. But did you know that play is also important for adults?

Research demonstrates that play has many of the same benefits for adults as it does for our children. Here are just a few of the benefits play can have for adults:

  • Stronger relationships and deeper connections with friends and loved ones
  • Improved ability to manage stress/less stress
  • Optimism and perseverance
  • Sharper cognitive skills
  • ...Read more

Rossman School sixth grader Devin K. earned a Top 10 placement in the 2015 Missouri State Scholastic Chess Championship Tournament held in Columbia, Mo. on March 28. The 12-year-old placed ninth in the Sixth Grade and Under division of the prestigious competition.

More than 500 students in grades 1 through 12 competed in the championship. Although other schools had up to five players on their teams, Devin was proud to be the sole representative of Rossman School. Devin has been a member of the Rossman Chess Club under coach Jason Clark for three years and recently began playing...Read more

As part of our focus on America, fifth grade social studies journeyed to 1861 to study the Civil War in depth. Students built a background of knowledge by reading, discussing, watching and collaborating. They became experts on the differences between the North and South, the Underground Railroad, secession, the Confederacy, Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant, significant battles, the Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, Sherman’s March to the Sea, Abraham Lincoln as President, and much more.

After a comprehensive exam, students embarked on a journey through President...Read more


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