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Rossman Scientists Hard at Work

By: Science and Social Studies Teacher Caroline McGee

September 16, 2014

blog_scientists-1.jpgWe have been busy bodies in science, observing, investigating and discovering! First graders have been exploring the Earth, learning about the layers and what each layer is composed of. They were thrilled to have geologist Quinn Kiley come in to talk to them about the Earth and answer all their questions. We’ve developed an understanding of the rock cycle, learning about metamorphic, blog_scientists-3.jpgsedimentary and igneous rocks. We recently created our own imprint fossils and models of the Earth’s layers using colored play-doh. The students are looking forward to digging deeper into caves this week.

blog_scientists-5.jpgSecond graders are now experts on the five food groups. We have read stories about “Little D,” the dragon that came to live with the Royal Food Group Family. Little D becomes an expert on the food groups just like the students. The students had fun interacting with the story using hand and body motions as well as verbal shout outs. They have discovered the health benefits of each food group and why it is so important to eat a well-balanced meal. This week we dive into analyzing nutrition labels to help students make better decisions about the food they choose to eat.

blog_scientists-4.jpgThird graders have been busy experimenting with Newton’s Laws of Motion. Students have been conducting experiments to help better understand the laws of motion as well as friction, air resistance and gravity. We have been using the steps of the scientific method, creating a hypothesis, then testing our hypothesis and analyzing our data to then report results found.

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