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Professional Muralist to Visit Rossman

By: Communications Manager Sarah Meyer

November 6, 2014

blog_schwaneraward2014.jpgThis winter, professional muralist Karla Faith will lead Rossman School students in the design and implementation of a mural. Ms. Faith’s visit is made possible by the Helen Schwaner Faculty Professional Development Award, which was presented November 3 to Rossman School art teacher Erica Spangler.

In 1996, the Cummings family established an endowment to fund this award, which is given annually to a member or members of the Rossman faculty. The intent of this award is to provide opportunities for furthering professional development and enhancing classroom and extracurricular activities. The Cummings family is related to the late Helen Schwaner, who founded Rossman School with Mary Rossman in 1917.

Every student in the school will contribute to the design and implementation of the mural, which will use Rossman’s tennets of kindness, honesty, respect and responsibility as its theme.

In her proposal for the award, Mrs. Spangler explained:

“In the art program at Rossman, I strive to expose students to every art media I can get their hands on. I work to give them new and different experiences to further develop their understanding of the elements of art, strengthen their decision-making skills, and enable them to take risks in a safe environment. While doing this, I strive to weave the ‘Rossman Rules’ into the classroom environment. Making a mural will not only increase students’ artistic skills, but will enable them to express what the Rossman Rules look like pictorially. Community murals call for cooperation, brainstorming, and creativity as a group. All of these are skills essential in the education of children.”

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