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Kahoot in the Foreign Language Classroom

By: Spanish Teacher Keylah West

January 29, 2018

The students in the first grade through sixth grades have been learning and cheering each other on in the foreign language classroom with the game Kahoot! At Rossman, we keep up with the latest in technology and game-based learning, and our students reap many benefits.

Kahoot is a free game learning application based on responses from student teams. I upload questions that appear on the students’ screens, and they electronically submit their best responses. Technology is integrated to extend mastery of a specific subject. Students play on a shared screen that promotes problem solving.

The game can also be played at home once the free app is downloaded. It can be played with any subject. You can create your own game or search among the many games that have already been created.

Some of the benefits of the game include sharing, problem solving, blended learning, and team work. Other education goals include:

  • Differentiated instruction - an instructional technique that is used to reach students with different learning styles, including visual and kinesthetic
  • Cooperative learning - The students work together to complete a task. They use specific information to achieve a common goal.
  • Instructional scaffolding - motivational techniques introduced to facilitate learning

Kahoot also creates “high five” moments where the students cheer and celebrate each other. Kahoot is a useful and fun tool in our classroom, allowing students to practice, review and learn the vocabulary taught in class.


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