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“Did You Know?” — Cultivating Curiosity with Fascinating Facts

By: Lower School Science Teacher Abbie Duvall

January 16, 2018

Did you know that your brain can hold 100 times more information than a computer? Did you know sunsets on Mars are blue? Or that there is a beach in Hawaii with green sand? These are some of the “Did You Know?” facts you might find on the Lower School science classroom board each day. In my  Lower School science classroom I want to spark the interest of learning for my students every day.

I have always believed in learning something new everyday and I want to instill that habit into our students at Rossman. Reading a simple fun fact every day on the board is sometimes the only thing they gravitate toward on that day. We cover many different units in Lower School science from SK to third grade, but I also want the students to learn information that may spark a different interest for them or create curiosity about a new topic. I want every student to find things that they love about learning or topics that intrigue their interest. The “Did You Know?” board allows students to explore and think about so many different things in our world and even beyond.

Some of the best classes have come from our “Did You Know?” fact of the day. The students are the ones leading our investigations and exploration of learning. I want their love of learning to be something they have with them forever. If a whole class wants to know more, then I take the time to help them discover and learn more. We look up pictures, have class discussions and allow time for more questions. I want each student to feel that if something interests them I am here to help them and encourage their curiosity.

I love seeing the joy on the students faces when they read a fact that they find unbelievable. I often get the question, “Is that true?” I always answer with, “What do you think?” And that is why I write a fact every day. I want our students to think and be amazed by learning. One aspect of the “Did You Know?” board that I love is how students want to write a fact for it. On their own they are starting to find fun facts and new information they want to share with others. It has sparked a desire in them to look for learning and knowledge to teach others. Not only are our students learning something new every day, they are also teaching each other.

If we continue to encourage learning and the positivity of gaining new information our students at Rossman will take that love and information with them as they grow. So feel free to pop into Lower School science to learn something new for the day!


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