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Congratulations and Conversations

By: Spanish Teacher Keylah West

May 9, 2016

¡Muchas felicidades al sexto grado en su graduación que se aproxima! ¡Buena suerte! (Congratulations to sixth grade on their upcoming graduation. Best of luck!)

As I reflect on my experience teaching Spanish to the Rossman School Class of 2016, I am filled with many precious memories and much pride. Some of my favorite moments with this class have been observing the students have conversations in Spanish. Their enthusiasm and aptitude for these exercises has always filled me with joy. Here is a video clip from 2013, when the class was in fourth grade.

In the video, the two students greet each other and discuss where they are going and what they are going to do, using the verb “ir” (to go). Beginning in third grade, conversations are a regular part of students’ Spanish experience. Oftentimes, we role play at the end of a unit, using the vocabulary. The repetition helps learning.

Putting together a conversation also helps students understand why the ability to conjugate verbs is necessary to carry a meaningful conversation in a different language. With each conversation, students are more prepared for our global world. In the future, when Rossman students encounter a situation where they need to speak Spanish, they will recall these practiced conversations and apply their experience.

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