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Columbus Day in SK

By: Senior Kindergarten Teachers Kathleen Bauer, Lauren Brody and Jill Morris

October 10, 2014

Columbus Day in Senior K!
Are you ready to sail away?

In fourteen hundred ninety two …
Columbus sailed the ocean blue!

If you were living in that day?
Would you be brave and sail away?
Or would you on the dry land stay?

We took a vote and made a graph.
Take a look it may give you a laugh!

Some said yes please let me on
for a fun adventure to sail!

Others said no I’m so so scared that
I will see a crocodile or whale!

On our graph we gave our vote
And only some of us wanted to float!

Some stayed away from the crocodile
While others were hoping to find a new isle!

If you were living in that day?
Would you go or would you stay?

Tell us tell us, would you go?
The Senior Kindergarteners want to know!


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