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The Chadar Trek

By: Sixth Grade Teachers Debbie Brummit and Jim Holmes

November 17, 2014

Education is an invaluable resource we are given the right to enjoy. The sixth grade students at Rossman explored this idea as they learned how children around the world fight and strive for education. We reflected and wrote about our morning routines and the journeys we take to arrive at school each day. Learning about the dangers that some children in the world must face in order to achieve an education, the sixth graders recognized the value of education around the world and began to feel grateful for the education that they enjoy everyday.

We focused on one family’s trip to school via the Zanskar Valley in the Himalayan Mountains. A father and his two children had to conquer a very dangerous trek called “The Chadar” down the frozen river, Zanskar. Wrapped in the warmest clothes possible, the two children and their father set out on a 100 km, six-day journey through the mountains to reach the city of Lay, in order to attend boarding school. 

After watching a video of the father and his two children struggling through this journey to school, the sixth graders were inspired to write and tell this family’s story. They hopped into the shoes of the children and used writing skills such as snapshots, thought shots, dialogue and figurative language to describe the dangers faced in route to school. Their engaging stories are hanging in the sixth grade hall and capture the impact this family’s struggles and commitment to education had on our students.

During this time of Thanksgiving the sixth grade class recognizes that the incredible opportunity for education at Rossman School is on the list of the many things for which we are grateful. We live in a country where education is valued and options are abundant. Rossman School is an amazing place to spend our days learning and preparing for the future, and for this we all feel blessed. 


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