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February 2022

This year I have been excited to introduce our new ukulele unit for our 4th, 5th, & 6th graders. The ukulele lends itself to many musical lessons which the students have been excited to learn. From studying how string instruments work and how to care for them to how to play different chords and strumming patterns, our new instrument has been a lot of fun. While the ukulele may be new to Rossman, learning how to play an instrument is not. The recorder has been an instrument that has been taught at Rossman since I was a student here myself. The recorder is a wonderful instrument to begin...Read more

Do you ever take the time to think about how you start each day? How we begin our morning has the power to set the tone for the rest of our day. In fourth grade, students enjoy a set morning routine that begins with a morning meeting aimed to build classroom community and set students up for a successful day. Our morning routine is founded in the Responsive Classroom teaching approach which embodies the idea that this designated time is “designed to create a safe, joyful, and engaging classroom for both teachers and students.” Lasting only ten to twenty minutes, these meetings are...Read more

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