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April 2021

Children are captivating, complex, beautiful creatures with a hunger to learn and to share all the exciting things they are learning. Just last week, as I was taking temperatures for morning carpool, I heard a Lower School student working through their math facts. Their older sibling hopped out of the car, corrected the younger sibling’s math, and happily walked into the building reciting more complex math to themself. It was the perfect picture of a Rossman student. Ask any of our students to tell you something about science, or social studies, or grammar, and they would be able to dazzle...Read more

This year, I start most of my mornings in the 6B classroom. If you walked into the room, you would likely notice natural light pouring through the wall of windows. Your eye may then find the rainbow tower of construction paper and a shelf lined with bottles of paint. In a typical year, the 6B classroom is the art room.

Our art teacher, Erica Spangler, starts her day a few doors down in the Extended Day room. Because many specialist classrooms have been repurposed to enable adequate social distancing, the Extended Day room has become a temporary office for teachers. There, “Super...Read more

blog_mathfluency-1.jpgAs we approach the last semester of first grade, most first graders feel confident with addition facts to 10. Students will continue to prepare for second grade and build addition facts to 20 using techniques such as counting-on, making-ten, identifying fact families, and using number bonds. After they learn these techniques, they can start to recall...Read more

The spring vacation was a time of reflection as we passed through our pandemic anniversary, recalling where we were one year ago and what we have accomplished since that time. The transition to remote learning last spring was intense and unfamiliar, and the preparations for the 2020-2021 school year brought a whole host of new challenges as we “reimagined” just about everything under the sun. Our attention turned from connecting to children from afar and completing all of our end-of-year objectives to adapting our curriculum to fit within the boundaries of COVID protocols and helping our...Read more

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