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April 2018

Rossman’s curriculum is rich and full, and the field trip that the sixth graders take in the spring exemplifies this yet again! Each spring the sixth graders enjoy a four-day and three-night trip, which incorporates language arts, social studies, and science.

This year, all 25 students and five teachers headed out on the morning of Tuesday, April 10. Eager and excited, we loaded the bus for the first destination Shiloh, Tennessee. We toured the Shiloh Battlefields with Hal, an expert on this intense battle between the Union and Confederate armies. After an extensive unit of study in...Read more

For parents with kids in the Upper School, this is a message about homework to get you through the rest of the year. For parents with kids in the Lower School, here are some ways to conceptualize homework time with your family in the future to start good habits early.

The first approach to conducting homework time is to make homework time a part of your evening routine, which is how Dr. Peg Dawson recommends you approach it. Dr. Dawson is one of the co-authors of Smart but Scattered, which is a book I often recommend to parents of children struggling with Attention-Deficit/...Read more

One of my favorite photos of my children has them on different levels of an interior staircase, both grasping the wooden rail, as they headed to the second floor of the London home of Benjamin Franklin. They tease me now because they say I insisted they hold the stair rail because Franklin himself touched it. They are right. Just as I insisted they touch the pew in St. Paul’s Chapel where George Washington worshiped while serving as our nation’s first president and the brass knob on the blue door to enter Vincent Van Gogh’s home.

When traveling, I love to visit places that offer a...Read more

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