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January 2016

When our schedules become overloaded, sleep is often the first thing people cut to fit more into their days. Sleep, at times, is viewed as unnecessary or unproductive, but cutting back on sleep is something that should be reconsidered. During sleep our minds are at rest yet some of our body’s most sophisticated processes are busy at work, repairing and maintaining every aspect of our physiology.

Sleep is vital to sustaining peak mental performance, stabilizing mood, enhancing immune function, coping with stress, rebalancing biochemistry, and maintaining a healthy metabolism. By not...Read more

Just this week we noticed one of our first graders writing a "get well" note to a friend who was sick at home. Nobody asked him to write the card, it was simply his own concern for his friend that prompted his act of kindness. Just as many say, “kindness is contagious,” his small, sweet gesture gave another friend the impulse to write a similar note. Oh, the ripples of compassion!

Throughout our day we catch many glimpses of kindness in action: sharing sharpened pencils when a friend’s lead breaks, offers to push a friend on the swings, tying a friend’s shoelaces, and patiently...Read more

The American Heart Association has recognized Rossman School for raising the most money among the Missouri schools that participated in the AHA’s “Jump Rope for Heart” and “Hoops for Heart” fundraisers in 2014-2015. A Rossman fourth grader was also honored for ranking 12th among the Missouri students who raised donations for the events.

It is the second consecutive year that Rossman has exceeded all Missouri schools in funds raised. Last February, more than 150 Rossman students in grades 2 through 6 participated in the events, raising $15,268. The School has supported Jump Rope and...Read more

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