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November 2014

Education is an invaluable resource we are given the right to enjoy. The sixth grade students at Rossman explored this idea as they learned how children around the world fight and strive for education. We reflected and wrote about our morning routines and the journeys we take to arrive at school each day. Learning about the dangers that some children in the world must face in order to achieve an education, the sixth graders recognized the value of education around the world and began to feel grateful for the education that they enjoy everyday.

We focused on one family’s trip to...Read more

blog_schwaneraward2014.jpgThis winter, professional muralist Karla Faith will lead Rossman School students in the design and implementation of a mural. Ms. Faith’s visit is made possible by the Helen Schwaner Faculty Professional Development Award, which was presented November 3 to Rossman School art teacher Erica Spangler.

In 1996, the...Read more

Helping children manage challenging, long-term assignments requires planning, organization and an understanding of time. There are several skills that are required in order to successfully execute a task. One of these is time management. It takes parents and teachers working together to help students comprehend how to look at an assignment and decipher what it is asking and how to complete it by a certain date.

In a recent Rossman School faculty workshop, clinical psychologist Barb Talent discussed ways to help a child learn to manage his or her time through a model of ...Read more

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