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October 2014

Our furry friends at the Humane Society of Missouri recently welcomed Rossman fourth graders. The students toured the facility and participated in a class that taught them how to be advocates for animals, especially those in need.

Since 1870, this wonderful organization has been dedicated to giving animals second chances. It provides a safe, caring haven to any animal that has been abused, neglected or abandoned. It's mission is to end the cycle of abuse, control pet populations and create lasting relationships between people and animals through adoption programs. The students also...Read more

Fifth grade recently embarked on a photography field trip to downtown St. Louis to experience the architecture of their great city. In art class, the students have been learning how to compose a photograph and used these skills to capture images of the architectural elements that inspired them. These elements included famous buildings, sculptures, landscaping, and other architecture that captured their imaginations.

The first stop on the journey was the Old Courthouse. Throughout the 19th century the Old Courthouse served not only as a house of justice, but also as a public...Read more

Columbus Day in Senior K!
Are you ready to sail away?

In fourteen hundred ninety two …
Columbus sailed the ocean blue!

If you were living in that day?
Would you be brave and sail away?
Or would you on the dry land stay?

We took a vote and made a graph.
Take a look it may give you a laugh!

Some said yes please let me on
for a fun adventure to sail!

Others said no I’m so so scared that
I will see a crocodile...Read more

Rossman fifth graders participate every year in the Bird Sleuth program through the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. At the beginning of the year, each student is assigned a focus bird, which he or she will become an expert in identifying. The hope is that every student will become an expert on all 32 birds early in the school year.

At least twice each month, the students spend time studying the birds on or near the three bird feeders in the courtyard outside the fifth grade classroom. They identify and record all the birds that they see. Then I...Read more

Rossman School was awarded the Mission Impact Award by the American Heart Association (AHA) at the St. Louis volunteer appreciation celebration on September 13. Rossman has supported the AHA’s Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart fundraisers for over 25 years, raising more than $150,000 for heart research and health education. Last year, Rossman’s small group of 150 participants raised $15,757 through the two events.

Rossman’s physical education teachers, Jenna Babcock and Larry Huusko, were honored at the volunteer celebration for coordinating the annual fundraisers and...Read more

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