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Tuition & Assistance

Rossman in 3 Words

Tuition for 2018-2019

$20,400 (includes lunch)


The Annual Fund

Gifts to The Annual Fund make up the difference between the tuition charged for a Rossman education and the true cost to educate each student. We strive for 100% parent participation in our Annual Fund campaign. This year, tuition, fees and other income will cover only 93% of our operating budget, leaving an additional $1,900 per student to be raised through gifts to The Annual Fund. Learn more about The Annual Fund here.


Additional Fees

  • Books and Supplemental Materials Fee — for consumable supplies provided by the school, such as workbooks, paperback books, notebooks, assignment notebook, art supplies, technology supplies, and calculators ($100-$300 per child annually, varies by grade)
  • Parents’ Club Dues ($70 per child annually)
  • Sixth Grade Graduation Fee
  • Clothing for Physical Education Classes (Grades 3-6 only)


  • Fifth Grade Retreat — overnight
  • Sixth Grade Camp — one week in the fall
  • Sixth Grade Space Camp / Shiloh Civil War Battlefield — four days in the spring

Optional Activities

  • Extended Day Program — $985 per semester for M-F or $245 per day of the week
  • First Hour Care — $165 per semester per day of the week
  • Off Day Care — $55 per day
  • Afterschool Sports — no charge


Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available for qualifying students through a grant program. Maximum assistance is 90% of tuition plus educational expenses. Monies are allotted as needs warrant and funds permit. These monies are not required to be repaid to the school.


Although February 15 is the preferred date for applying for tuition assistance, applications are accepted throughout the admissions season.


Awards are based on need and are determined by the school’s Tuition Assistance Committee. It is the opinion of the school that regardless of the marital status of an applicant’s parents, both natural parents share the responsibility of educating their child. Therefore, in families of divorce or separation, the committee requests that both natural parents file financial aid applications (see procedure below). These cases will be individually evaluated and may result in tuition payments by both parents. In cases of remarriage by the parent who has custody, the financial status of the step parent may also be taken into account.


1) Submit a Parents Financial Statement (PFS) online to SSS (School and Student Services for Financial Aid)

SSS is a division of the National Association of Independent Schools and used by more than 2,400 private schools and other organizations to help determine a family’s ability to pay school costs. The service and process helps ensure that all schools use the same methods and objective procedures to evaluate your financial aid application. The PFS application may be obtained and submitted online at ($47 fee applies).

2) Submit additional documents

After you pay for and submit your PFS, you will have access on the “PFS” Online to a section called “Manage Documents.” Here you will need to upload all of your tax forms and schedules for the year. Alternatively, you may mail the additional documents to SSS.


Parents of students currently receiving tuition assistance are expected to re-apply each year. The amount awarded may change from year to year, depending on a family’s financial situation.


All application forms, tax information and other related papers are strictly confidential.


Awards are made on an annual basis and are generally announced along with admission decisions in March of each year.


Contact Donna Pate, Director of Business and Finance, at (314) 434-5877, ext. 207, or for more information about tuition assistance and the application process.

Decisions regarding a child’s qualification for admission or re-enrollment are in no way connected to decisions regarding tuition assistance qualification and distribution.






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