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Achievement Test Scores

Rossman School uses the Educational Records Bureau Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP 4) to assess efficacy of curriculum and relative student performance. Rossman students consistently perform well above the national norms for all students and those at independent schools. 

"Rossman instilled in me the hunger to learn and the drive to always challenge myself, allowing me to succeed in my studies and motivating me to pursue various extracurricular activities."  —Sohan Kancherla (Class of 2012)

Missouri Math League Sixth Grade Contest Top Ten Rankings

  Team Ranking   Individual Rankings
2022    Fifth Place
2021  Second Place
2020  Eighth Place
2018  Fourth Place Eighth Place
2017  First Place Second, Ninth
2016  Third Place Third Place
2015  Sixth Place
2014  First Place First, Third, and Eighth Place
2013  Sixth Place Sixth Place
2012  Fifth Place


National Geography Challenge Top Ten Rankings

  Sixth Grade Division
(Team Ranking)
  Fifth Grade Division
(Team Ranking)
  Fourth Grade Division
(Team Ranking)
2022  Second Place First Place Second Place
2021  First Place First Place Second Place
2020  First Place First Place First Place
2019  First Place First Place Third Place
2018  Second Place First Place First Place
2017  Third Place Third Place Second Place
2016  First Place Second Place
2015  Third Place Sixth Place Fourth Place
2014  First Place Second Place Seventh Place
2012  Third Place First Place First Place


Creve Coeur Arbor Day Art Contest 


First Place (First to Second Grade Division)
Second Place (Third to Fifth Grade Division)
Third Place (Third to Fifth Grade Division)

2019 Third Place (First to Second Grade Division)
Second Place (Third to Fifth Grade Division)
2017 Third Place (First to Second Grade Division)
2016 Second Place (First to Second Grade Division)
Second Place (Third to Fifth Grade Division)
2015 First Place (Pre-K to Second Grade Division)
First Place (Third to Fifth Grade Division)


St. Louis Writers Guild Young Writers Contest

2018    First Place (Fourth to Fifth Grade Division)


“Rossman education transcends academics. By impressing upon me and instilling the four tenets of kindness, honesty, respect and responsibility, I possessed the courage and confidence to make the right choices throughout secondary school.”

—Jessica Goldberg
(Class of 2011)

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Secondary School Choices


   10 Years   


Class of 2022

John Burroughs School 








Saint Louis Priory




Whitfield School




Visitation Academy




Chaminade 9   1

Westminister Christian Academy




Villa Duchesne




Parkway Public Schools




Ladue Public Schools 3    
Thomas Jefferson School 2    

Clayton Public Schools




Heritage Classical Christian Academy  




Kirkwood Public Schools 1    

Remington Traditional School




St. Francis Borgia 1    


“All the opportunities in my life have been born out of a superior education and a community invested in my growth. Rossman instilled in me a love of learning at a very young age, as well as the importance of mentorship, friendship and community.”

—Claire Pieper
(Class of 2008)

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