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Third Grade

Lynn Frankenberger

Born in Saigon, Lynn escaped Vietnam with her family on a fishing boat at the age of eight. Her first teacher in the U.S. opened her eyes to numbers and letters, introduced her to American culture, and inspired her to become an educator.

“At first I couldn’t communicate with anyone in the school,” Lynn recalls, “but Mrs. Brown reached out to me by making learning fun and interesting. I couldn’t wait to get to school each day to see what else she would pour into my brain.”

A teacher for almost 20 years, Lynn began her career in the Hazelwood School District. Rossman later attracted her with enhanced opportunities to provide individualized teaching and creative learning methodologies. She loves discovering what makes lessons click for each of her third graders. She is fueled by the moments she witnesses a light bulb go off in their heads and the days they express their love for learning.

Lynn and her husband, also a teacher, have three children. Lynn spends her free time enjoying the company of family and friends, playing sports, shopping, reading, traveling, and watching movies.

Kristie Kerber

A Massachusetts native, Kristie has been teaching third grade for nearly 20 years. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in psychology with a concentration in early childhood education, she finds third grade to be a special age as students have an increased level of independence, the ability to understand the perspectives of others and the capability of taking on more responsibility.

A passion for learning was instilled in Kristie at an early age. “My parents made every experience a teaching moment, whether it was a lesson on manners, perseverance or kindness,” she says. “They taught me that it was OK to make mistakes, but that it was important to learn from those mistakes.”

It was her sixth grade religion and social studies teacher who inspired Kristie to pursue a teaching career. “She took the time to get to know about her students’ interests and lives,” Kristie says. “I knew she genuinely cared about me.”

Today, Kristie strives to form personal connections with her own students. She believes the thing students appreciate most about their teachers is their effort to learn what motivates, inspires, excites and saddens them.

This mother of three has many hobbies including Italian cooking, running, traveling, reading, attending Blues games, and spending time with her family. She also enjoys training her Australian Shepherd in obedience and agility.