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Second Grade

Emily Moll

As an educator I strive to daily cultivate a culture of warmth and high expectation within my classroom. Upon arrival, students know they belong, mistakes are treated as educational stepping stones, and valuable life skills are embedded within engaging curricular instruction. I work to foster a foundation of strong student/teacher rapport upon which all lessons are built in and outside of the classroom.  It is my mission to empower children to become more of who they are called to be by giving them access to our world through an excellent education.

I grew up in North St. Louis County and currently reside in Tower Grove South.  In my free time, I love to snuggle my dog, Lucy, explore the Missouri Botanical Garden, read, get creative, and check out local coffee shops with friends.

I love teaching because it is the profession that allows my creativity, humor, desire to nurture, and passion for education come to life in a way that benefits children.  Thank you for sharing your kids with me each day!

Jamie Rhinesmith

An Indiana native, Jamie began her career teaching San Antonio fifth graders while pursuing her Masters in Education through the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education program. She has since taught second through fifth graders in Arkansas, Michigan and St. Louis and participated in an extensive three-year training program in the Extending Children’s Mathematics model.

“I strongly believe in the value of student-centered, discovery-based learning, especially when it comes to mathematics,” says Jamie, who’s interest in teaching began at a young age as she played “school” with her sister. Her goal as an educator to instill a lifelong love for learning and prepare students to succeed both in the classroom and beyond. Through high expectations and a collaborative relationship with coworkers and parents, she aims to help her students realize their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and creative potential.

Jamie is passionate about growing as an educator and tries to instill that same love of learning into her own students. “I love getting to witness those ‘aha!’ moments, when students have been struggling with something but persevere until they get it,” she says. “The excitement on their face when they learn something new is truly inspiring.”

Along with her efforts in the classroom, Jamie has devoted her time to enrich each of the schools she has been part of, along with their greater communities. She also has been involved with the Notre Dame and University of Arkansas chapters of Camp Kesem, a summer camp for children who have lost a parent to cancer or have a parent undergoing treatment.

This mom of two enjoys exploring St. Louis and the region’s many kid-friendly attractions. She also loves baking and staying active, especially through kickboxing.